New Video for Not-For-Profit 10,000 Degrees Premieres

The recent premiere of our new video for 10,000 Degrees, created with partner agency Social Interactive, has helped them launch a new phase of their mission and brand. 10KD identifies students whose parents have not gone to college - as early as third grade - and helps get them to a degree. Their model is a proven, life-changing approach and we were thrilled to be able to tackle telling their story in a big way. Working with our partner agency Social Interactive, we identified key message points and developed a high-stakes script. The piece is entirely animated and utilizes a silhouetted approach to capture our characters' epic journeys. 10,000 Degrees called the piece a total game-changer for them, elevating their brand and mission to an entirely new level of communication. Our team of message strategists, narrative writers, and animators can take your message to a new level, too. Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making this!

April 27, 2012 @8:27am